UK Eurotour, Nats & League 4 – Bickley

More details shortly – Article in the process of being completed. Results for the Eurotour are available – Eurotour-Bickley-2016-exportk Results for the UK Nationals and League 4 are available –  UK-Nats-League4-Bickley-2016-exportk.

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19th June 2016 Marsh Gibbon Round 3

Dick shows F5B makes you happy Edgecott the Bermuda Triangle of big lap scores or not. Last year the event at this location proved hard to get laps score close to our European cousins. Round 3 of the league also turned out to be lucky with the weather. Having endured ...

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F5B Practice Day June 2016

After days of low cloud and drizzle sweeping in from the North Sea the forecast look promising for a practise day at Thame . Josef and Greg had planned to hop over to Holland and Belgium for two competitions over the weekend. However, an indifferent weather forecast meant a big ...

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15th May 2016 Wetlands Round 2

Some fields are fast for F5B and produce high lap scores. Other fields seem to have air made of treacle. So when we arrived at the new field to be used for Round 2 of the F5B League there was an expectation we could be in for a fast day.Chilly ...

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17 April 2016 Warboys – League 1 – Report

All in all a great day was had. I couldn’t believe the luck we had with the weather. Beautifully sunny day and low wind conditions for Warboys. Numerous thermals but unfortunately they were not always on the course when it mattered (ie when I was flying!). The days before were ...

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General Rules Information for an Event

The details below apply to all the classes which are flying in the UK F5B / Intermediate / Dynamic leagues. Hopefully all common sense and they are just there so everyone knows what happens if something goes wrong. General Notes for all Classes – Pilot is responsible for checking their ...

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Hub Removal

Removing Spinner

Sometimes a prop hub will seem to get stuck on the motor shaft – this is usually when you are in the greatest hurry to get the hub off for some reason, so a means of pulling it off quickly and simply without damage to model or motor is useful.Faced ...

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Hubs & Spinners


F5B props are designed for very high speeds and so often have a very high pitch which will prevent them from folding flat to the fuselage. This creates more drag on the glide which we definitely don’t want.If a prop hub is made with the blades offset from the centre ...

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Couple little xls utils developed over the years

Course Numbers

Watt Minute Calculator. In the absence of a UniLog this will give you an indication of watt minutes used in your flight. F5B Flight Data This will give you the set times / motor time from the course txt files.  The ST2.txt file is a sample file to see how the ...

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Mike Seale’s Version of the regulator


Here’s my example of the voltage regulator design originally published by George Shering.  I’ve made it a little bigger than the original in order to dissipate more heat.  This is probably not necessary for F5B but I plan to use these regulators in some of my sport models too and ...

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