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Limiter History

The introduction of the limiter from 2008 was one of the most profound, interesting and controversial developments for F5B (and F5D). This section goes into more detail. It describes the hardware and software available, installation hints, testing results and operational results as they become available. A bit of history. The ...

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Limiter Overview

The Energy Limiter is a device which shuts off the motor after a certain amount of energy has been used. Why do we use “Limiters”? F5B pilots have always pushed equipment to the limit in the search for more performance and at the World Champs in 2004 a couple of battery ...

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Unilog in English

The UniLog and other SM units come with comprehensive instructions, but unfortunately for English speakers they are all in German. Having gone to the trouble of translating them for my own benefit, I can now make them available to other non-german speakers – just click on the relevant link below. ...

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2016 F5B World Champs Host Country Announced

Italy will be the host of the next F5B & F5D World Championships in August 2016. More details to come as they are released. Initial details – brochureCM2016F5B-F5D NOTE – THE ABOVE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE

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The GoOne8 is a competitive model for international competition class F5B, developed in collaboration with the GoOne8 pilots of the German national team Guntmar Rueb, Oswin Greiner, Heiko Greiner and Christian Ulbrich. You can look back on over 20 years of experience in the aviation competition between them they have numerous national ...

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HK200 from HobbyKing

The HK200 (HK-SS200ALV ) is notable for its low cost, $29 from Hobby King international and $32, about £20, from the UK site. This is for an ESC rated at 190/200A by the manufacturer but easily capable of up to 300A for a (very) short time. The circuit design is good and ...

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