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Hub Removal

Removing Spinner

Sometimes a prop hub will seem to get stuck on the motor shaft – this is usually when you are in the greatest hurry to get the hub off for some reason, so a means of pulling it off quickly and simply without damage to model or motor is useful.Faced ...

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Hubs & Spinners


F5B props are designed for very high speeds and so often have a very high pitch which will prevent them from folding flat to the fuselage. This creates more drag on the glide which we definitely don’t want.If a prop hub is made with the blades offset from the centre ...

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Couple little xls utils developed over the years

Course Numbers

Watt Minute Calculator. In the absence of a UniLog this will give you an indication of watt minutes used in your flight. F5B Flight Data This will give you the set times / motor time from the course txt files.  The ST2.txt file is a sample file to see how the ...

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Mike Seale’s Version of the regulator


Here’s my example of the voltage regulator design originally published by George Shering.  I’ve made it a little bigger than the original in order to dissipate more heat.  This is probably not necessary for F5B but I plan to use these regulators in some of my sport models too and ...

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Steve Burns Regulator Setup


This is the way Steve is powering his receivers now. The items used in this example are a 2s Lipo 360mAh, a safe switch which was purchased from Hyperflight in the UK and a Castle Creations BEC. The lipo can be left connected as the power consumed by the switch ...

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George Shering Receiver Power

George Regulator

For a decade and more I used four Sanyo N110 NiCd cells to power the receiver and servos. The energy used for an F5B flight I measured at 25mAhr for a two servo wing (Surprise 11) and 40 mAhr for a four servo wing (Avionik B06). So the 110 mAhr ...

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LiPo Battery Heater


If you fly F5B on a cold day you soon notice that after the first few climbs the model is climbing faster and entering the course faster. This is because the battery is warming up. It is now quite common for pilots to warm their batteries before a flight so ...

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UniF5B App & Progam

The UniF5B app enables flight data to be read from a Unilog and displayed in a form convenient for F5B. It is available as an app for Adroid phones and tablets, for both Unilog 1 and Unilog 2. This allows all the Unilog data to be displayed over the entire ...

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UniDisplay Power Supply

UniDisplay Power Supply

The UniDisplay is a handy little device for setting up the UniLog or viewing data without having to take a PC to the field with you. As supplied it is powered from the UniLog, but this presents problems when using it with an opto coupled Rx lead – no power ...

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UniLog Parts for Limiter

UniLog 2

When looking at the SM website it can be confusing trying to work out what you need for a limiter. The following list is an attempt to identify the basic requirements, plus a few extras you might be interested in. Minimum for F5B limiter function: Common extras: Other optional items:

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