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Receiver Power

Mike Seale’s Version of the regulator

Here’s my example of the voltage regulator design originally published by George Shering.  I’ve made it a little bigger than the original in order to dissipate more heat.  This is probably not necessary for F5B but I plan to use these regulators in some of my sport models too and ...

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Steve Burns Regulator Setup

This is the way Steve is powering his receivers now. The items used in this example are a 2s Lipo 360mAh, a safe switch which was purchased from Hyperflight in the UK and a Castle Creations BEC. The lipo can be left connected as the power consumed by the switch ...

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George Shering Receiver Power

For a decade and more I used four Sanyo N110 NiCd cells to power the receiver and servos. The energy used for an F5B flight I measured at 25mAhr for a two servo wing (Surprise 11) and 40 mAhr for a four servo wing (Avionik B06). So the 110 mAhr ...

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