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Everything you need to know about F5B, from planes to radio gear to flying format.

General Rules Information for an Event

The details below apply to all the classes which are flying in the UK F5B / Intermediate / F3BE leagues. Hopefully all common sense and they are just there so everyone knows what happens if something goes wrong. Above all we are there to enjoy ourselves and fair play should ...

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First of all, if you are new to F5B or indeed high power electric gliders (Hotliners) then don’t worry about the rules. All you really need to know is that there are special events held for these type of airplanes in the UK and you really should consider going to at least one ...

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Pilot Locations

This is an outline of where the UK F5B pilot are located. If you wish to contact one of the pilots please use the yahoo groups email

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New to F5B

Newcomers are always welcome at the competitions, and you don’t have to be a top class pilot to join in. Although there is strong competition for the top few places, there is always time to help a newcomer and guide them through their first flight on the F5B course. Any electric glider could be ...

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