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Open FAI models

For competing in the open class you need an airframe that will be up to the job, here we lay out some of the options and where to get them from.


The GoOne8 is a competitive model for international competition class F5B, developed in collaboration with the GoOne8 pilots of the German national team Guntmar Rueb, Oswin Greiner, Heiko Greiner and Christian Ulbrich. You can look back on over 20 years of experience in the aviation competition between them they have numerous national ...

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There are quiet a few Speedfire-2’s F5B being flown in the UK F5B league, the quality of the construction coupled with how well it flies and its availability have seen several pilots swap to it as their main airframe. Designed for the World Championships and sport-pilots in mind, the fuselage is now longer, ...

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