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The 2019 season is off and running, its never too late to come along and join in, any powered glider will be fine.

2019 League Dates

The 2019 League will be held on the following dates. There will be 7 events with no rain date. The league placings will be calculated as follows – 5 from 7 / 4 from 6 / 3 from 5 or less events. 21 April –         League 1 – Warboys 25 May ...

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Round 5 UK F5B League Hawling

The Last Chance Saloon As a heavy band of rain passed from West to East over the UK F5B pilots made their way to the excellent Hawling Field. Hawling is close to Chipping Norton and sits on top of the Cotswold’s Plateau. Due to the fields elevation low cloud can ...

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19th June 2016 Marsh Gibbon Round 3

Dick shows F5B makes you happy Edgecott the Bermuda Triangle of big lap scores or not. Last year the event at this location proved hard to get laps score close to our European cousins. Round 3 of the league also turned out to be lucky with the weather. Having endured ...

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15th May 2016 Wetlands Round 2

Some fields are fast for F5B and produce high lap scores. Other fields seem to have air made of treacle. So when we arrived at the new field to be used for Round 2 of the F5B League there was an expectation we could be in for a fast day.Chilly ...

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17 April 2016 Warboys – League 1 – Report

All in all a great day was had. I couldn’t believe the luck we had with the weather. Beautifully sunny day and low wind conditions for Warboys. Numerous thermals but unfortunately they were not always on the course when it mattered (ie when I was flying!). The days before were ...

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General Rules Information for an Event

The details below apply to all the classes which are flying in the UK F5B / Intermediate / F3BE leagues. Hopefully all common sense and they are just there so everyone knows what happens if something goes wrong. Above all we are there to enjoy ourselves and fair play should ...

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2016 League Dates

The 2016 League will be held on the following dates. There will be 6 events with no rain date. The league placing’s will be calculated as follows – 4 from 6 events / 3 from 5 or less events 17 April – League 1 – Warboys 15 May – League ...

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