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Unilog in English

The UniLog and other SM units come with comprehensive instructions, but unfortunately for English speakers they are all in German. Having gone to the trouble of translating them for my own benefit, I can now make them available to other non-german speakers – just click on the relevant link below.

Please note that I do not speak German and these translations and notes are “NOT SM approved”, so there may be errors.

Having given the warning I can add that they work for me and I hope they help others

Dick Whitehead

>UniLog 2 Instructions                               updated to v1.14 on 1-2-2018

> UniSens-E  instructions                           updated  to v1.17 on 13-12-2019

> GPS-Logger 1 / 2 / 3   from v 1.13 on       updated to v1.23 0n 28-11-2019

> GPS-Logger    up to v1.12                         updated to v1.10 on 21-1-2014

> UniLog instructions.                                updated to V1.18 on 27-1-2014.

> Limiter beta version release notes.     A translation.

> A guide to the Excel spreadsheet.        Data, Instructions, and version notes

> USB driver installation.                           Based on a translation and modified by my own experience with XP.

> Firmware updates.                                   Based on a translation with my own screen grabs.

> Quick reference.

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