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UniLog Parts for Limiter

When looking at the SM website it can be confusing trying to work out what you need for a limiter.
The following list is an attempt to identify the basic requirements, plus a few extras you might be interested in.

Minimum for F5B limiter function:

part no. 3000
400A current sensor:-
– for battery with female on +ve terminal part no. 2517 (white writing)
– for battery with female on -ve terminal part no. 2537 (black writing)

Common extras:

brushless rpm sensor
part no. 2213
temperature sensor (best / smallest)
part no. 2225
temperature sensor (cheaper)
part no. 2221

Other optional items:

patch cable for telemetry to Rx
part no. 9101 (if you have a telemetry radio)
pitot tube speed sensor
part no. 2560
part no. 2400

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