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There are quiet a few Speedfire-2’s F5B being flown in the UK F5B league, the quality of the construction coupled with how well it flies and its availability have seen several pilots swap to it as their main airframe. Designed for the World Championships and sport-pilots in mind, the fuselage is now longer, wing has new airfoil and tail has T-form which offers more stability for this model.

There is plenty of room inside the SF2 popular setups see 2 x 5s 1800’s mah lipo’s fitting in the fuselage with room to spare.

Prices for a speedfire 2 start around the 650 euro mark, this price then increases once you have picked what servos you want to be installed along with a host of optional layups, extras etc, there is even an option to have it arrive ready to fly just install receiver.

Manufactured by Petr Janku in the Czech Republic you can access more information here www.f5b.cz

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