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19th June 2016 Marsh Gibbon Round 3

Happy Dick

Dick shows F5B makes you happy

Edgecott the Bermuda Triangle of big lap scores or not. Last year the event at this location proved hard to get laps score close to our European cousins. Round 3 of the league also turned out to be lucky with the weather. Having endured another week of rain starting on Monday and finishing on Saturday evening. Sunday dawned dry and warm. Rain and freshening winds were forecast but it was hoped we would get through the day before the rain arrived. So would we see some good lap scores?

As the last three pilots made ready in Round  4 the weather radar was checked and it looked like we had an hour before the rain would hit. As Evie handed out the last prize at the end of the day it started to spot with rain and we all thought “that was lucky”

Evie and Alan

Evie and Alan getting ready

Evie is one of Alan Flockhart’s daughters and had popped down to help dad with running the event on Father’s Day. I think we can all agree Evie did a great job.

Alan was also going to need some support because he had little chance to fly since the last event having been very busy with work and spending almost a week away in Las Vegas at an IT show. In the meantime Jos had been to Germany for a Eurocup event and hitting 50 laps in the process placing an excellent 7th place. Steve Burns and Greg had also had several practice sessions and felt like they could give Alan a run for his money.

Round 1

Round 1 started with the Inters and it was great to see a much stronger turn out. Three Tony’s and a Simon made life interesting with the names. Tony Fu and Tony Wilson making the long drive from “Up North” and Tony Burton completing the list of Tony’s. Inters League leader Simon Boyd finalising the entrants.

First up was Tony Wilson flying Mark Haig’s old Rakenwurm. A smooth flight set the standard for the round with a 34 laps. Tony Fu was next up and was looking good for a 30 plus lap score when a cell went down in his flight pack and he lost his motor.

Simon flew next and found the change in course orientation tough. Having only ever flown in events or practice with a left hand circuit. Simon soon settled down and hit 27 legs. Last to fly was Tony B and having looked good in his practice flight Tony had an issue with the ground suddenly rising up at Base B. Tony being the big hearted fellow he is admitted it was pilot error.

Greg was first up in FAI Unlimited and produced a very scrappy flight. Having been up most of the night with food poisoning and only being present due to the settling effect of six Imodium tablets. Greg had two motor ons and struggled not to fly a diagonal course. 43 laps was disappointing.  Steve Burns was up next and put his practice to good effect with a 45 and a near perfect duration flight. Steve could have scored more if he had not cut.

Round 1 conditions had been good to this point but the breeze was just starting to increase slightly. Alan flew next and produced a solid 47 laps and a good duration but was very slightly over the Wmins.

Due to the way helpers were staggered across the pilots there was a bit of gap before Jos flew and he went straight for a 50 lap flight with 4’s and 6’s from the start. Good air and very tight flying produce a round winning lap score of 48 topped off with a good duration flight and only 1625 Wmins.

Flip Flop tail

Beautiful quality on the Flip Flop

After Jos flew there was a quite a buzz around the pits as George ready his beautiful Flip Flop for its competition debut in the UK. George flew really well scoring 42 legs. It was great first flight and the Flip Flop looked very smooth and fast.

Dick was doing well on his first flight and seemed to have continued good form seen in recent practice sessions only have the gear box fail on his Jeti motor about half way through his distance task.

Last to fly was Mark who had also made the long trip down from the North. Mark flew a solid 43 laps and landed on 9.59 and 30 points for a good round score.

So Round 1 to Jos.

Round 2

Off with the Inters again. Tony W looking really smooth and hitting 35 laps set a hard score to beat. Despite being a tough plane to thermal Tony also scored well in duration and unless the two other pilots could be produce good flights was on course to be sitting on 2,000 points.

Tony Fu opened his account with 31 laps and produced a lovely duration flight having worked some light lift from about 100 metres altitude at 4 minutes into his flight.

Simon was now getting to grips with the course and added an extra lap to his score with a 28 lapper. F5B is a multi-task event and Simon commented to be competitive you need to all of it well.

FAI was next up and Greg improved slightly with 45 laps and no motor for duration.  Steve Burns went one better with 46 laps almost a 47. Steve as always did well on duration and scored well.

Steve Burns Raspberry Ripple

Steve Burns new Speedfire 2

Conditions were still pleasant but it was noticeable that it was getting tougher to produce higher laps scores. Alan still managed to hit 47 laps and a good duration. Jos had really tough air and was not helped by his caller Greg virtually falling asleep whilst Jos was flying. Jos’s flight was blighted by this and he dropped to 44 laps.

Dick was off the mark with a 38 laps, George looking very fast with the Flip Flop and Mark scoring well again with a 42.

Round 2 to Alan.

Round 3

Tony Wilson seals the win in 3 rounds with a lovely flight of 36 legs. Tony suffers with seeing the plane at height in the duration task otherwise I am sure he would move up to the full FAI class. Tony Fu progressed nicely with a 30 and another skillful thermal flight. Simon was also finding his feet and produced a solid 27 laps and good duration.

Jos preparing two planes

Jos preparing two planes for the ready box

Conditions were changing all the time and with an increase in wind speed and 8/8 cloud cover the temperature was now starting to drop lower than when we arrived at the field at 8.15am. Greg’s 43 with another motor on seemed poor but as the FAI Unlimited round unfolded 46 laps was the best by Alan and Jos. Greg and Jo this time working well together and Jos really getting the most out his flight and conditions. Mark scored well with 45 lapper only to discover he had used 2,000 Wmins to complete the flight. Steve B flew straight after Greg and said it was one the hardest flights he had every done for 43 legs and 10 mins duration. Steve made it harder for himself with a cut.

George seemed to be in a very consistent groove with the Flip Flop with a 43 and the slow air was not to Dick’s liking with a 38.

Round 3 to Flocky.

Round 4

As we started the round a number of people commented on how dark it had become. Plus the pollen count was so high that a number of people were really struggling with hay fever. A weather front was on its way for sure and rain would be with us soon.

Tony Wilson was off again and probably feeling relaxed flew very smoothly to produce 34 laps only to be pipped by Tony Fu in the next flight with a 35. A new pb for Tony. Another good duration flight secured Tony in to second place overall. Simon flew well with a 27 and full duration with only 3 seconds of motor on.

Having reverted to his old engine ramp from the last comp and stomach cramps subsiding Greg left his best to last. Great calling from Jos allowed Greg to squeeze 46 laps out of okay air. It turned out to be second highest lap score for the round after Alan who then manage to break his gear box on the Leomotion motor on climb 11. Alan did not get enough height to complete his duration. Jos flew really well and again got the most out the conditions with a 45. Scoring was tight in this round with Steve B hitting 45 with an excellent flight. 45 being a popular score as Mark then matched Steve.  Like Greg, Dick left his best to last and flew to his current form with 42 laps in windy conditions.

Technical issues meant that George did not fly in the last round.

Round 4 to Greg

ready to go

Greg the walking dead


Great to see the main players in the Inters all out flying. Sad that Andy H had radio problems the day before and broke his Alex. We hope to see you back soon. Tony Wilson flew really well and Tony Fu proved with his last flight he could give Tony W a run for his money.  Tony F proved less is more when he slowed his engine ramp down for the last flight and did a PB.

Alan is still top of the pile in FAI. Three separate round winners is very healthy. Jos’s first flight was mighty impressive. Steve Burns flew really well and was in third place to the last round. Scoring is now very tight amongst the top four pilots. A small mistake or technical can be very costly.

As mentioned earlier Evie Flockhart present the prizes and did a great job helping during the day. Thank you Evie.

Final results- League 3 19th June exportk League 3 19th June exportk 

League results- 2016 League Results Round 3

Intermediate class –  Tony Wilson (3,000) /Tony Fu (2,888.4) Simon Boyd (2,759.3)

FAI Class – Alan Flockhart (2,979.3)  / Josef Mouris (2,964.2.)/ Greg Lewis (2,950.6)

A few notable PB’s on the day

Inters Tony Fu Pb of 35 laps

FAI Mark Haig 2,000Wmin

Models flown in first FAI 3 places

Models flown in Intermediate

Tony Wilson-Raketenwurm 

Tony Fu – Surprise 17/Leomotion- 4038-5585/Jeti DS16/Unilog 2/GM Prop

Simon – B08 / Slope Racer (Tony Fu) Modified Leopard 2860/2730Kv and 5:1 Reisenauer Micro Edition gear box with high torque pinion / Jeti TX – RX / YEP 150 LV / 6S Nanotech 1550 / RFM 16×16

Pictures Courtesy of Tony Fu of Sloperacer

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