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15th May 2016 Wetlands Round 2

Steve Burns on Launch Duty
Some fields are fast for F5B and produce high lap scores. Other fields seem to have air made of treacle. So when we arrived at the new field to be used for Round 2 of the F5B League there was an expectation we could be in for a fast day.Chilly but superb flying conditions were evident and we all stood and watched as Alan kicked off Round 1, surprised at how quick base B came and despite some funky manoeuvres Alan flew51 legs. He commented that the course was short, re-measuring later showed it to be 149/150 meters. Trust Alan to spot the difference. 😉


There must have been some lift on the course as scores dropped a bit later on and there where significant amounts of lift and sink about with the cold polar air. Greg flew a solid 48 and Josef followed with 51 legs and a motor on entry at climb 4, Tony W was quick to say it was his mistake and suggested a re-flight straight away, in the spirit of the full rules Josef elected to continue the flight and discuss the re-flight after. Josef’s battery packs where on their way out and  wanted to avoid straining them to much. The re-flight was “only” 50 legs but a lot fewer W.min used.


Flying to the new rules in 2016 meant that on first glance it looked like Alan had gained a fair advantage in this round. However, any excess watt minutes had yet to be applied.

Blast from the Past
Andy’s Inters Winning Alex
In the Intermediate Class Andy put in a best of the day with 33 legs. A good start of the day and excitement all round.


Round 2 saw Alan fly 49 legs but miss the inner circle on landing making his score effectively 48. Greg close behind with 47 legs. Josef had to swap to the brand new B plane as a fuselage nut had come out (to be repeated in round 3), 46 with two cuts. Steve B was right up there with 47 and 46 legs ready to catch anyone making a mistake. It was noted that some people where occasionally flying diagonally partly due to the course being at a slight angle to the fence in front.


Round 3 and Dick puts his A game on and posts 45 legs. Scores seem to drop a bit with Josef flying 48 only to loose 10 points on the landing followed closely by Greg and Alan with 47 and 46. All still to play for!
Points make Prizes
Points make Prizes

In the Intermediate Class Simon putting in some consistent scores with I believe a PB of 28 legs and some very impressive duration flying. Good stuff for Simon’s second competition.


Round four. Alan  wins this round with 46 legs – and nearly a perfect duration / landing – Spent 2 minutes tree hopping so he didn’t need to use the motor. Greg should have pipped Alan this round with a 47 but had a motor on and dropped to 45. Josef scored a zero this round making things even more difficult to work out who had won. Nothing like a bit of pressure to keep you focused.



Firstly congrats to Alan for clinging on to the win and Greg for being Mister Consistent and sneaking in above Josef by .8 of a point. Also congrats to Andy for the win with decent scores despite a badly trimmed out plane. Both classes are scoring highly compared to previous years.

After the scores where read, George finally managed to get his Flipflop 6 in the air for a short maiden flight.

Flip Flop
George with his new Flip Flop

Only to find the elevator too responsive. Still it looked great in the air with the LED’s showing up nicely coming towards us in the turns.


Last but not least, a huge thank you to Tony Burton for driving Josef all that way up north and helping out manning Base B as well as timing through the day. We hope to see you fly at the next event! Josef has promised to do the driving.


A great competition. Practice and refinement of set up’s is starting show a marked improvement in peoples lap scores. Steve Burns has certainly stepped up a gear and if Josef can iron out some of his technical gremlins his raw pace in distance will be hard to beat. As always Alan demonstrated metrognome like flying skills. Dick showed his improvement in event 1 was no flash in the pan and with a 45 lap flight in Round 3 just needs to keep his mind focussed on that oval flying pattern.
Back to the Future
Alan’s SF2 Off Into The Blue Yonder
In the Inters Andy put his best performance so far in his F5B career. Simon is making great progress and his set up with the B08 and Sloperacer motor will see him increasing his lap PB’s with each event.




Intermediate class – Andy Harrold (3000) / Tony Wilson (2941.4) / Simon Boyd (2876.9)
FAI Class – Alan Flockhart (2992.7) / Greg Lewis (2980.9) / Josef Mouris (2980.1)


 A few notable PB’s on the day
Wmins!! – Josef with something in the region of 2000 for is first attempt at round 1
At the other end of the scale George with 1243 from flying an uncharged battery!
Total points – Josef with 1129 (50 legs)
Highest legs score – Alan 51


Models flown in first FAI 3 places
Models flown in Intermediate
Andy – Alex F5B / Neu 1512/1.5/6.7 / Frsky taranis / Gerben modified HK200 / Zippy 3300 5S batteries / Neu 17.5 x 17.5 / And 4 strips of insulating tape on the tail
Tony – Micro Spark from Jaeger Models. Wingspan 1500mm. / Kontronik KBM 42 60 motor on 5.2 G/Box / JR3810 with FrSky Module V8FR-11 RX / CC 125 / Turnigy 4500 3S 25/50C / RFM 15 x 13
Pictures Courtesy of Simon Boyd
Report by Josef and Greg

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