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17 April 2016 Warboys – League 1 – Report

All in all a great day was had. I couldn’t believe the luck we had with the weather. Beautifully sunny day and low wind conditions for Warboys. Numerous thermals but unfortunately they were not always on the course when it mattered (ie when I was flying!). The days before were downpours and even Snow on the Saturday in Oxfordshire.Snow in Oxford

Needless to say the Warboys club field was a little damp in places. However spirits were kept high observing the lovely stripes which had been mown earlier in the week by the dedicated RMAC mowing team.

Many thanks to David for coming along to help out and for the Warboys clubs for the loan of the field for the day. We did have a reasonable number of club members drop round for a visit and I think they were very impressed with the quality of the flying. Simon got a special mention from the Duke of Edinburgh group who were walking past the field. Turns out they really liked his kit and wanted one!!

We had a new pilot join us. Simon had an incredibly solid start to the year and fingers crossed we can rustle up some competition for him over the next few events – Tony W / Tony F / Andy H we need you out there!

Round 1 started with a whole host of gremlins – Numerous watch timers had died over the winter or decided to stop working before the start of the comp. GasBox RX’s were not bound to the TX any more. People didn’t have the right model memory selected etc etc etc!
Batteries which didn’t fit in the planes (MARK!) and 7115 servos deciding this was a good time to stop working.
Needless to say the sun being on the course didn’t help matters either. Base A and B judges were rusty for a few flights. Steve and I did have to smile when Josef was getting numerous Base A buzzers when he was about 1/4 of the way down the course – No chance of a motor on there! A reflight ensued as there were also various missed buzz’s from Base B. All of this was due to the plane coming out of the sun. A 30 min pause to let the sun move around a little enabled us to carry on with no more issues on the Bases.
Simon (First comp flight) pulled in a respectable 24 legs with a full duration. Alan managed 46 legs followed by Greg and Steve on 44 / 45 respectively. Dick was flying very solidly and was on target for a 44 legs but a motor on and a cut during his 2 climbs for 6 meant he stuck on 40. Josef bravely decided that he didn’t wan to waste any time launching towards Base B so opted for a downwind launch. Unfortunately his motor didn’t come on after launch and luckily no damage was caused when the plane belly flopped into the soft field. George showed there is no reason an old dog cannot keep up with the youngsters around him by posting 43 legs. He did unfortunately use a little too much power so dropped 18 points.

Round 2 was another tight affair in the legs department. Greg / Steve / Alan fighting for top spot with 46 / 46 / 47 legs flown. I have to assume Greg had the limiter turned on due to him landing early. Dick was back on form and posted a 43 leg score but unfortunately had to use a few extra wmins to complete the duration which dropped him nearly 2 of those hard fought for legs.

Break for lunch – Josef tried out his loaner SF2 model. Flew an incredible number of legs and had a total motor run time of ~29 seconds!! After the flight he tweaked his motor ramps due to it not pulling fast enough at motor on….

Round 3 and wind had pretty much completely dropped – Temperatures were up (Well I guess about 7C!) and the sun was definitely out. Game on then for some high scores. Josef had switched from the B12 to the SF2 after his quick practise flight. The pilots didn’t disappoint with both Josef and Alan posting 48 legs. Greg and Steve with 46 legs. All 4 did a full duration with 30 landing points. When the wmins were checked Josef was pretty surprised to find that he had used 1986 wmins!! A new PB there I think. Quickly back to the previous ramp settings prior to Rd 4. Dick had an unfortunate reappearance of the firewall gremlins. He has moved away from Kontronik motors after finding that roughly every 20 flights there was a terminal issue. Not sure how he is going to move away from a firewall issue unless he swaps to an Avionik 🙂

Round 4 and everyone was keen for a good flight. Simon had a little distraction with a Duke of Edinburgh group arriving just prior to launch. This resulted in his B08 floating about 50m for a smooth landing. Turns out the arming switch on the TX was still in the off position. Given it was his first time on the course we let him continue the flight once the model had been retrieved. He managed 13 legs despite only having about 90 seconds left. A full duration with landing points followed. There was a fight for 2nd place in the round between Dick / Mark / Steve / Alan posting 45 / 45 / 46 / 46 legs – All pulled in full durations and landing points. Unfortunately with the last flight of the comp Josef flew 49 legs but had a cut at Base B during and recorded 47 legs with full duration and landing so round 4 went to our tame Dutchman.

2016-04-17 17.08.21

Final results League 1 – 17 April 2016 – F5B – exportp League 1 – 17 April 2016 – F5B – exportk 

Intermediate class – Simon Boyd (3000)

FAI Class – Alan Flockhart (3000) – RMAC / Steve Burns (2962.9) / Greg Lewis (2930.7) – RMAC

A few notable PB’s on the day

Dick with a 45 / 10:00 / 30 / 1 for a total of 1079 points.
Josef with a rather spectacular 1986 wmins used! A whole 78 points deduction….

Models flown in first FAI 3 places

AlanSpeedfire 2 / Jeti Motor / CC Edge Lite HV 160 Controller / Jeti DS16 – 9 ch RX / Unilog 2 / Practical RC Magnetic Pico Switch / Turnigy Batteries / GM Propeller

Steve – B12 / Jeti Motor / Jeti DS16 – RX / CC Edge Lite HV 160 Controller / Turnigy Batteries / GM Propeller

GregSpeedfire 2 / Leomotion / Jeti DS16 – RX / YGE Controller / Thunderpower Batteries / GM Propeller

Model flown in Intermediate

Simon – B08 / Jeti TX – RX / 6S

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